Author: Susan Alison

‘My ribbon! Mine!’ Welsh corgi dog original ACEO mini painting

‘My ribbon! Mine! A Welsh corgi dog and a tricolour Cardigan corgi engage in tug-of-war over a piece of wrapping ribbon. They are lying in a bed of tinsel near the Christmas tree. This is an original mini painting aka an ACEO – art cards editions and originals or an ATC – artist trading card. Here is a blog post about ACEOs. This ACEO is up for auction on eBay at this link. Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+...

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Large Print books: short stories, Sudoku and Word Search

A friend of mine has macular degeneration. This has made me realise how fab modern technology is for those with low vision. It has also made me realise how little there is for those who don’t like modern technology. So I have brought out some books in Very Large Print. There are two word search puzzle books – (one of which isn’t in this pic) – that one is a book of the 48 counties of England with snippets of information for each county as well as the list of words to search for. The other word search puzzle book is in the pic – it is based on The Natural World. There is also a sudoku book for keeping one’s brain exercised, and two short story books. One short story book is ‘Sweet Peas and Dahlias’ (and other stories), and the other is ‘Burglars R Us’ (and other stories). Both these books are illustrated to provide another ‘texture’ to reading the books. The illustrations in the short story books are in black and white, and the fab reviewer who has just kindly left a five star review has said she is going to colour them. What a great idea!!! Multi-multi-functional books! My Amazon book page Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+...

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The face of a dog betrayed…

PupperJack has an exceptional tail. It’s so exceptional it is longer than he is tall. This means he sometimes leaves it lying around further from his face than you’d think possible. On this fateful occasion he was going downstairs. I was following. Somehow my foot got on his tail just as he jumped to the stair below and didn’t quite make it because he was anchored to the stair above by his tail. Under my foot. Oops! Poor PupperJack. He’s been looking at me accusingly ever since. Top pic is PupperJack’s exceptional tail. Bottom pic is the face of a dog betrayed… Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+...

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Susan Alison paints pictures and writes stories for a living, and her cafetiere is always hot.

Dogs tend to enter into the pictures, and the prose, quite a lot, Susan living under the paw as she does.

Monty and Rosie (and Jeff-Dog now, too) are her Border Collies - they keep an eye on her artwork to make sure she keeps earning kibble, and every now and then they round it up and post it to her artwork blog.

Colouring books in A4 and pocket size are on their way. 'Corgis Rule!' is already out; the next one will be 'Carousing Cats'. There are more romantic comedies to come, and the third book in the urban fantasy series: 'Hounds Abroad'; also illustrated short stories, and doggerel, exist for your reading entertainment.

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