Corgis Rule!

A4 size colouring book is a book for dog lovers.


There are 45 pages of unique artwork based on original hand-drawn Susan Alison corgi dog designs. The paper in this book is 60lb in weight ie crayons and pencils are your best bet for fab results. (It’s always a good idea to use a safety sheet underneath each page whatever you’re using.)

Pictures are only printed on one side of the paper so that you can remove a page and display or frame it without losing the picture on the other side.

Some of the pictures are cropped and enlarged to make different pictures and provide some less intricate designs, which also allow experimentation with different colouring schemes. Some have been made into 6”x4” pictures – a nice size for framing, or for cutting out and sticking to the front of a greeting card blank. There are also some sheets of notepaper for that special person, and a page of bookmarks that can be coloured and laminated. At the back of this book are a couple of pages for trying out your colours.

Most importantly – these cavorting corgi canines aim to bring you a smile or two.

In this series of colouring books for all ages there is also:

‘Brilliant Border Collies’

‘Great Greyhounds & Wonderful Whippets’

‘Carousing Cats’

‘Christmas Canines’

There are more colouring books on the way!