The face of a dog betrayed…

PupperJack has an exceptional tail. It’s so exceptional it is longer than he is tall. This means he sometimes leaves it lying around further from his face than you’d think possible. On this fateful occasion he was going downstairs. I was following. Somehow... read more

March 2016 Newsletter

I have two main pieces of news: The first is that the next in my fantasy series, ‘Hounds Abroad’ ie Book Two: ‘World Walker’ is now out in ebook and paperback. Yay! Lily is desperate to have Delilah in her life, even though her mother is doomed to spend the rest of... read more

December News 2015

It’s lovely to see you here. There are so many lovely Christmas romance novels around, and I keep meaning to write one – so, of course, I’ve gone and written a New Year romantic comedy instead… Yep – ‘New Year, New Hero’ is out now. It’s in ebook and... read more

June News 2015

June 2015 Newsletter – Hounds Abroad Welcome to new subscribers!  It’s lovely to see you here.   I finally have a new novel out after being a bit ‘stuck’ for the last couple of      years. It’s an urban fantasy and the first in a new series... read more

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