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There are so many lovely Christmas romance novels around, and I keep meaning to write one – so, of course, I’ve gone and written a New Year romantic comedy instead…
Yep – ‘New Year, New Hero’ is out now. It’s in ebook and in paperback although Amazon hasn’t got them linked on the same page just yet.

new year new hero

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This book is about The Three Families and it is possible it could become the first in a series of them.

Just in case it does there is a list of characters involved, and a seating plan of them at their New Year’s Day dinner in the front of the book just before Chapter One starts.

Kate Benning and Tom Cole, both members of neighbourly households known locally as The Three Families, had always known they would marry each other.

However, Tom was stifling her, and Kate was determined to free herself of these marital expectations before the New Year began.

She dreamed of getting herself a new hero in the New Year.

And a dog. She’d always wanted a dog.

But nothing ever goes according to plan…

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Thank you for all your encouragement and support! You’re all lovely!


Many of you know about my Jeff-Dog – some parts of this story are true about him. But – some are not.
The most important thing that is true is that he was the most amazingly fabulous dog.
And here’s one of my best pics of him…



clip_image008Star Wars


Everything this year has been StarWardized (a word a young friend and I came up with) and so is this
New Year novel – but it was an accident – the whole thunderhat-for-a-dog idea (to keep noise out) was
written into the story long before the film came out.

Yep. ‘New Year, New Hero’ was StarWardized long before I’d realised there was A Film
coming out this year…



Half-price rom com!

The Kindle version of ‘Out from Under the Polar Bear’ is currently half price.
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And click here for my Amazon US book page.

These two greyhounds are still absolutely fascinated to see this book on a hoarding in the
middle of the fields…




I wish you all a very Merry and Joyous Christmas, and a brilliantly Healthy and Happy New Year!

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