June 2015 Newsletter – Hounds Abroad

Welcome to new subscribers!  It’s lovely to see you here.

  I finally have a new novel out after being a bit ‘stuck’ for the last couple of      years. It’s an urban fantasy and the first in a new series called ‘Hounds    Abroad’.

This is Book One: The Lost World

People who’ve never read fantasy before have assured me that it still has my  ‘voice’, humour, and touch of romance – and – probably more importantly – still  has my dogs (in one form or another) cavorting around the pages.

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This book is about Lily and Matt and some dogs:

Lily’s life was dog-free and uneventful until one night when it became  absolutely the reverse.

That same night Matt Lannings was reluctantly drawn into the fantastical scenario that Lily’s life had become.

The only thing was that Lily believed she’d been chosen to save another world in another universe – and Matt didn’t.

Matt didn’t believe any of it!

All encouragement is gratefully accepted and if you’re on Twitter and wish to help spread the word, there’s a pinned Tweet on my page (click here). Actually, sharing posts about my books or tweeting about them or writing (preferably nice) reviews, or just saying interesting things about them is very helpful to me and I appreciate it very much. Thank you for all your encouragement and support! My readers are a lovely lot of people!

Future books

I now have about five half-written novels to finish…

There are two that I’m definitely going to get out there before Christmas – eek! – now I’ve said it in public, do feel free to nag me to get it done… One is a rom com starring heroine Kate, and Zorro – he’s a heroic figure in Kate’s life – and (the real hero) – Jeff-Dog! The other book I expect to see on the shelves this year is the second urban fantasy in the series, ‘Hounds Abroad’.

I also have, half-written, a many-times-requested sequel to the rom com ‘White Lies and Custard Creams’ starring Liz and Moocher. It is tentatively titled: ‘Staking out the Goat’ and I’m hoping to get this one out this year, too, but am aware that the year is rapidly running out so I’m not promising…


Talking of Jeff-Dog – he might have gone off and left me behind, but his presence is still strongly felt – he’s trying to make me keep walking so I don’t just turn into a lump, although a dogless walk is a strangely weird thing.

And I suspect there are enough Jeff-Dog-hairs around the place to outlast us all… Here’s a fab pic of him because there can never be enough pictures of him.
jd by ab sm

Odd detail:

uke for newsletterI receive some odd questions about my life, so I thought I’d put a little – possibly odd – detail about me into all my newsletters. As this is only the third newsletter in the last four years I’ll never run out of odd things to tell you…

Having always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument I am now the proud owner of a purple ukulele. This doesn’t mean I can play it. But I am attempting it… Trouble is, I don’t think I can sing, either, so I’m not sure which sounds worse – me or it…

Here’s a pic of my ukulele leaning outside the front of the house. As you can see, at least the pots of plants think it’s summer, even if no one else is certain it’s actually arrived. And I hope you all have a lovely summery time when it does get here!



Upcoming events

I’ve noticed that other authors put a list of upcoming events at which they’re giving talks into their newsletters.

So I thought I’d mention some writing events I’ll be at this year – I won’t be doing anything useful like giving talks, though. No, I’ll be lounging around chatting to people – only to those who wish to be chatted to – not to those who don’t. So, if you happen to be around – do, please, come and chat to me! It would be lovely to meet you. We could have a drink of some sort and talk about books.

The events are all in the UK this year – I’m hoping to go further afield in future years. The first will be the Romantic Novelists’ Association conference in London, then I’ll be at Fishguard in Wales, then Swanwick in Derbyshire and then Fantasticon in Hull, Yorkshire.

Half-price rom com!

The Kindle version of ‘Out from Under the Polar Bear’ is currently half price.

Here is an example of my Photoshop procrastination showing two greyhounds absolutely fascinated to see this book on a hoarding in the middle of the fields…


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I wish you all a lovely, carefree summer!


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