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Greeting cards for Father’s Day on Sunday 21st June!

My Greeting Card Universe store has quite a few different Father’s Day cards: click here for them – I don’t know why that link won’t work – here’s the link itself although it’s not very pretty: Here are few pics of them, but there are more.  Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+...

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Leggings and much more in my Etsy store!!!

I never thought I’d be selling leggings from my Etsy store – but here we are! I don’t make them myself. I can no longer sell my own physical stock and had to shut my Etsy store. (Because COVID19.) I’ve now re-opened it using my own designs but the actual thing itself (in this case – leggings) has to be made and shipped by someone else. Delivery times aren’t brilliant so I’ve said that on every listing so no one is disappointed by how long it is currently taking. (Thank you COVID19. Not!) But it does mean I can sell loads of things I couldn’t if it was just my own physical stock.       Click here for pansy leggings!   Before I shut my store I had about a thousand listings – now I’m only up to 44 because I have to re-do them all one at at time. But I’ll get there! Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+...

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Interesting Times? Apr 8, 2020

“May you live in interesting times” is supposed to be a Chinese curse because life is usually better in uninteresting times of peace and tranquillity. . There are many arguments as to where that phrase actually comes from – wherever it does come from – it really is quite the curse! But – you know – UNinteresting times will come again. This, too, shall pass. Oh, yes! . In the meantime, novels keep getting written – although, in my case, not nearly enough in recent years. I aim to make up for that! . My next novel is going to visit Liz Houston and her dog, Moocher, again. Their first outing in, ‘White Lies and Custard Creams’ was a few years ago now, so their book cover has had to be updated to suit the new times we find ourselves in. So – here’s the new cover on a variety of reading apparatuses! (Yes, the plural of apparatus is indeed apparatuses – or apparatus. I have just learned this.) I’ll be back soon with news of the next book starring Liz and Moocher. Very soon! . Until then, stay safe, please. . SharePinTweetShare Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+...

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My Corgi Mum/Mom is the Best Corgi Mum/Mom: Full colour booklet for dog lovers. Mar 10, 2020

  I hope this finds you all feeling spring-like! This month’s new book is, as promised, a full-colour picture book(let) for corgi lovers – this has been much requested from those who want lots of corgi pics in one place and it concentrates on that whole mother/pup relationship just in time for Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday, which, in the UK is March 22, and in the US is May 10. There are two versions – one for ‘Corgi Mums’ and one for ‘Corgi Moms’.                         Corgi Mums can be found here Corgi Moms can be found here                             Next month’s new book is a romantic comedy. I am working hard on this right now and dithering over what the title of it should be. It’s currently called: ‘Staking Out the Goat’, but it might not end up being called that. It is set in the same world as my very first novel, ‘White Lies and Custard Creams’ which (somehow) went on to become a bestseller. But you don’t need to have read the one in order to read the other. Although set in the same world (with Mooch the Pooch!), they are standalone novels. I will leave you with one of the pages from...

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Etsy shop is closed for now. Feb 29, 2020

Due to unforeseen circumstances I’ve had to close my Etsy store at . This is temporary, but, at the moment, I cannot say when it’s likely to be open again. Do check back with me here on my blog, and/or sign up for my newsletter (any page on my website) to find out what’s what with regard to new books and when my shop will be re-opening. Thank you! SharePinTweetShare Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+...

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Susan Alison paints pictures and writes stories for a living, and her cafetiere is always hot.

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Monty and Rosie (and Jeff-Dog now, too) are her Border Collies - they keep an eye on her artwork to make sure she keeps earning kibble, and every now and then they round it up and post it to her artwork blog.

Colouring books in A4 and pocket size are on their way. 'Corgis Rule!' is already out; the next one will be 'Carousing Cats'. There are more romantic comedies to come, and the third book in the urban fantasy series: 'Hounds Abroad'; also illustrated short stories, and doggerel, exist for your reading entertainment.

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