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White Lies and Stakeouts – Out Now! 13.09.20

White Lies and Stakeouts – Out Now on Kindle and in paperback! Liz Houston and her Border Collie side-kick, Moocher, amble good-naturedly through life in Malvern Road. But somehow, the ripples of their passage too often grow to tidal waves and they keep finding themselves in the centre of the resultant storms. Their neighbours have mislaid their granny; a mysterious mapmaker records all their comings and goings; Angela, Liz’s hostile sister, behaves wildly out of character; windows are being smashed too regularly for comfort; sweetheart scammers rule. All Liz wants to do is lead a relaxed life whilst earning a living, learning line dancing, and keeping her dog contented and not too smelly. As ever, white lies abound. This time though, stakeouts seem to be the central theme of everyday life rather than a nice, comforting plate of custard creams. KATIE FFORDE says of ‘White Lies and Stakeouts’: “Quirky, funny, full of wonderful characters you wish were your neighbours – this delightful book is guaranteed to make you smile.” Buy Kindle edition | Buy paperback SharePinTweetShare     Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+...

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Out from Under the Polar Bear – Romantic Comedy – out in Large Print! 31.08.20

Finally – this romantic comedy is out in Large Print – it is a hefty book coming in at 95,000 words long! Stephanie Lawry has an unsuitable fiancé, claustrophobia, and a disquieting rash. Jack Redmond tries hard to be a good father to his children despite his ex-wife’s attitude problem, and his mistakenly-gained drunken-perv reputation. Add in Steph’s bolshie parents, Jack’s too-bright children, an old lover, a couple of rescued dogs, and a manky polar bear, and it’s no wonder the games people play get out of hand. Will Steph learn the rules of the relationship game in time to win Jack, or are the stakes too high? (To give you some idea of length – ‘White Lies and Custard Creams’ is 83,700 words long and ‘All His Own Hair’ is 87,300 words long. Out from Under the Polar Bear is 95,000 words long.) click here to see Out from Under the Polar Bear Katie Fforde (best-selling rom com author and President of the Romantic Novelists’ Association) said of ‘All His Own Hair’: ‘Susan Alison handles difficult issues with quirky humour and uplifting results.’ SharePinTweetShare Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+...

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New Corgi colouring book! ‘Corgis Rule – Book Three!’ 8th August 2020

As the header suggests, this is the third traditional lineart corgi colouring book – ‘Corgis Rule!’ and ‘Corgis Rule Again!’ being the first and the second. ‘Corgis Rule – Book Three!‘ is a collection of entirely unique and original artwork based on my hand-drawn corgi designs of corgis corgi-ing around. Like they do. It’s the same size as the other two; the paper is 60lb in weight ie crayons and pencils are your best bet for good results; pictures are only printed on one side of the paper so that you can remove a page and display or frame it without losing the picture on the other side. After taking note of your feedback, the smaller size of design has been taken out of the overall format of the book, but the sheet of sentiment tags and some embellishments for your hand-made cards has been left in. I’ve taken out the sheets of notepaper, but put in a page of bookmarks that can be coloured and laminated. Thank you for your feedback! There are a couple of pages for trying out your colours – also a sample greyscale picture for those of you who asked to try that kind of (completely different) colouring. I hope you can relax and de-stress in the company of the cavorting corgi canines in ‘Corgis Rule – Book Three!‘ Click this link to buy ‘Corgis Rule – Book Three!’...

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Greeting cards for Father’s Day on Sunday 21st June!

My Greeting Card Universe store has quite a few different Father’s Day cards: click here for them – I don’t know why that link won’t work – here’s the link itself although it’s not very pretty: Here are few pics of them, but there are more.  Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+...

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Leggings and much more in my Etsy store!!!

I never thought I’d be selling leggings from my Etsy store – but here we are! I don’t make them myself. I can no longer sell my own physical stock and had to shut my Etsy store. (Because COVID19.) I’ve now re-opened it using my own designs but the actual thing itself (in this case – leggings) has to be made and shipped by someone else. Delivery times aren’t brilliant so I’ve said that on every listing so no one is disappointed by how long it is currently taking. (Thank you COVID19. Not!) But it does mean I can sell loads of things I couldn’t if it was just my own physical stock.       Click here for pansy leggings!   Before I shut my store I had about a thousand listings – now I’m only up to 44 because I have to re-do them all one at at time. But I’ll get there! Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+...

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Susan Alison paints pictures and writes stories for a living, and her cafetiere is always hot.

Dogs tend to enter into the pictures, and the prose, quite a lot, Susan living under the paw as she does.

Monty and Rosie (and Jeff-Dog now, too) are her Border Collies - they keep an eye on her artwork to make sure she keeps earning kibble, and every now and then they round it up and post it to her artwork blog.

Colouring books in A4 and pocket size are on their way. 'Corgis Rule!' is already out; the next one will be 'Carousing Cats'. There are more romantic comedies to come, and the third book in the urban fantasy series: 'Hounds Abroad'; also illustrated short stories, and doggerel, exist for your reading entertainment.

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