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The face of a dog betrayed…

PupperJack has an exceptional tail. It’s so exceptional it is longer than he is tall. This means he sometimes leaves it lying around further from his face than you’d think possible. On this fateful occasion he was going downstairs. I was following. Somehow my foot got on his tail just as he jumped to the stair below and didn’t quite make it because he was anchored to the stair above by his tail. Under my foot. Oops! Poor PupperJack. He’s been looking at me accusingly ever since. Top pic is PupperJack’s exceptional tail. Bottom pic is the face of a dog betrayed… Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+...

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We’re back! PupperJack dog and I are at the blog posts again…

Oh, yes. It’s time we got to grips with the old dog and cat and books website and blog again. So here we are – surrounded by mountains of Christmas cards. The ones that other people send out (rather than ones we have received)… Like these ones… Furry conspirators… Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+...

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March 2016 Newsletter

I have two main pieces of news: The first is that the next in my fantasy series, ‘Hounds Abroad’ ie Book Two: ‘World Walker’ is now out in ebook and paperback. Yay! Lily is desperate to have Delilah in her life, even though her mother is doomed to spend the rest of time in the Void of Nothingness. Lily thinks she might have found a way to rescue her, even if it is a little risky… Matt Lannings is desperate to keep Lily safe; he’s also on a crusade to improve the lot of mistreated dogs. The reappearance of someone he thought he’d never see again threatens to foil him. Sebastian Hounds are never desperate. They’re always laid-back, and supportive, and enthusiastic, even when their humans lead them into jeopardy. KATIE FFORDE: “Magical! Full of warmth and humour.” Amazon UK Book Page | Amazon US Book Page   This book is dedicated to my second rescued Border Collie – Sam. He was so terrified of the world and everyone in it that when we got him home he chased up the stairs, made his home on the landing, and we only saw the tip of his nose for about six months. He would peer around the banisters down into the house. He would come down to go into the garden and for his meals, and as long as we pretended...

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London – there’s nowhere quite like it

I was in London this week and took a couple of pics as I was getting around. If you want a shotgun door handle you can find one in London: But you can’t find a bin… Some fab buildings… And then there are the ones that pretend to be a building while the building goes on underneath: Then there was a dog taking some ponies for a walk. (In the middle of London!) And then you fall down an unmanned manhole… Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+...

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Susan Alison paints pictures and writes stories for a living, and her cafetiere is always hot.

Dogs tend to enter into the pictures, and the prose, quite a lot, Susan living under the paw as she does.

Monty and Rosie (and Jeff-Dog now, too) are her Border Collies - they keep an eye on her artwork to make sure she keeps earning kibble, and every now and then they round it up and post it to her artwork blog.

Colouring books in A4 and pocket size are on their way. 'Corgis Rule!' is already out; the next one will be 'Carousing Cats'. There are more romantic comedies to come, and the third book in the urban fantasy series: 'Hounds Abroad'; also illustrated short stories, and doggerel, exist for your reading entertainment.

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