What a fab event Writers Holiday (http://www.writersholiday.net/) is! The lovely Gerry and Anne Hobbs and their family are so welcoming and helpful; the venue is surreally (is that a word?) beautiful; and the nosh is yummy! All that would be enough already, but there is more – oh, yes – the writing courses are led by the brilliant and the best; and there is even more than that – no, really – even more!!! – you can also learn to draw and paint if you wish whilst there. That course is led by me.

Do come along next February or next July. Or both! It would be so fab to meet you.

See pics – the Fishguard Bay Hotel, Fishguard lower town, and a fabulous specimen of a Fishguard Bay welcoming seagull.

The Cwmbach Male Choir appears on the last night at Fishguard: