jeff dog

Jeff-Dog (in the pic below) is staring at me from the doorway. I haven’t looked. I just know he is. He wants something, and his stare is almost physical. I’m going to get my camera ready and suddenly whip around and take a pic before he can move. Getting ready now… click!!! Heh – here he is:
jeff dog at door
I always wanted a robot vacuum cleaner. I couldn’t get one before because Monty would have been frightened and run away from it; Rosie would have killed it. So I got one after Jeff-Dog took up residence in this house – because he’s such a cool dude he wouldn’t be bothered by such a thing. This pic is Jeff-Dog understandably annoyed because he’s trying to chew his bone and I interrupted him because I wanted a photo of him. The robot had been going about its lawful business when it found a Jeff-Dog in the way so it tried its best to vacuum him up. Jeff-Dog carried on chewing his bone. I had to take a screwdriver to the robot and take it to pieces to get Jeff-Dog’s tail back. He never moved throughout the whole ordeal; just carried on chewing his bone. What a cool dude!!!
jeff dog hoover
In 2013 eighty Gromits came to Bristol and everyone went out with their trail maps to find them. We didn’t. We waited. And sure enough, Gromit came to the Cricket Ground near us in the hope that he’d find Jeff-Dog. And he did! Lucky Gromit.
Jeff-Dog hadn’t known me long, but he already knew I was hopeless with a camera…     …and he was right – here he is with only three legs.

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