I never thought I’d be selling leggings from my Etsy store – but here we are! I don’t make them myself. I can no longer sell my own physical stock and had to shut my Etsy store. (Because COVID19.) I’ve now re-opened it using my own designs but the actual thing itself (in this case – leggings) has to be made and shipped by someone else.

Delivery times aren’t brilliant so I’ve said that on every listing so no one is disappointed by how long it is currently taking. (Thank you COVID19. Not!)

But it does mean I can sell loads of things I couldn’t if it was just my own physical stock.

leggings pansy




Click here for pansy leggings!


Before I shut my store I had about a thousand listings – now I’m only up to 44 because I have to re-do them all one at at time. But I’ll get there!