I have two main pieces of news:

The first is that the next in my fantasy series, ‘Hounds Abroad’ ie Book Two: ‘World Walker’ is now out in ebook and paperback. Yay!


Lily is desperate to have Delilah in her life, even though her mother is doomed to spend the rest of time in the Void of Nothingness. Lily thinks she might have found a way to rescue her, even if it is a little risky…

Matt Lannings is desperate to keep Lily safe; he’s also on a crusade to improve the lot of mistreated dogs. The reappearance of someone he thought he’d never see again threatens to foil him.

Sebastian Hounds are never desperate. They’re always laid-back, and supportive, and enthusiastic, even when their humans lead them into jeopardy.

KATIE FFORDE: “Magical! Full of warmth and humour.”

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This book is dedicated to my second rescued Border Collie – Sam.

He was so terrified of the world and everyone in it that when we got him home he chased up the stairs, made his home on the landing, and we only saw the tip of his nose for about six months. He would peer around the banisters down into the house. He would come down to go into the garden and for his meals, and as long as we pretended we couldn’t see him he was fine. Eventually, he came out of hiding and became a full and happy member of the household, but he still always disappeared back up to his landing if anyone else came in.

But he was a Sebastian Hound at heart.



The second piece of news is that I’ve been asked to run the painting course at Writers’ Holiday, which is held at the Fishguard Bay Hotel, so I’m pretty chuffed about that.


Fishguard is a lovely place – not to mention the fab hotel and yummy food!


If you or anyone you know is likely to come along to it, do let me know beforehand. It would be good to meet up before July, even if only via the internet.

And if we’re lucky, the Fishguard Bay Hotel seagull will pitch up to greet us, too…


All encouragement is gratefully accepted and if you’re on Twitter and wish to help spread the word, there’s a pinned Tweet for retweeting here (click here https://twitter.com/bordercollies). Actually, sharing posts about my books on Facebook, or tweeting about them or writing (preferably nice) reviews, or just saying interesting things about them is very helpful to me and I appreciate it a lot. (And it’s quite easy to do, too, from the Amazon page itself – just click on the appropriate icon on the right hand side of the page to send to tweet or facebook.)

Thank you so much for your encouragement and support! You’re all lovely!

Half-price rom com!

The Kindle version of ‘Out from Under the Polar Bear’ is still half price!

And these two greyhounds are still absolutely fascinated to see this book on a hoarding in the middle of the fields…


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All the best, Susan