12th October 2014  – Woofs of Wisdom is here!

Woofs of Wisdom on Writing is now out in ebook and in paperback!

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Paperback on US Amazon


woofs of wisdom cover for csI can’t believe it’s October already! I do like the autumn – it’s probably my favourite time of year – but it did arrive far too quickly. Somehow the rest of the year has run off and taken my schedule with it…

Woofs of Wisdom is a book of illustrated doggerel – or nonsense rhyme if you prefer that expression. I’m ok with nonsense rhyme but CorgiScribe – who dogtated the book to me – prefers it to be known as doggerel. He reckons it sounds more respectable…

(Respectable!!! CorgiScribe!!! *snort!*)


Here is a taster:



extreme relaxationThinking time

It’s essential to encourage your creative thinking
with plenty of rest
rather than unbridled drinking
or trying to digest
biscuits and cakes by the score,
or smoking any kind of baccy –
although it might give you ideas galore
– it’s liable to make them pretty wacky.

Yes, at every opportunity get some sleep on the divan.
No matter how hard a chore it seems to be,
get as much practice at it as you can
– perseverance is key.

So, it’s just commonsense
that with every snooze you take
your writing rewards will be immense
– all for taking a break!



And here is a little video – it’s the first one I’ve ever done so I’m hoping to improve on the video front. It only lasts for about 20 seconds. If any of you are expert at these things don’t hesitate to let me know how to do it better!

Click HERE to watch my video

I will drop you an email with the link in it when the ebook and the paperback is out so you don’t need to go looking for it and then maybe find it’s not quite there yet…

The next book to appear after ‘Woofs of Wisdom’ will be a romantic comedy. It’s currently called ‘Undercover Lover and Chips’ but it might not end up being called that… I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, we’re making the most of the glorious, crispy leaves of autumn!

yep autumn's in the air

Oh, go on – rush out and find a pile of leaves!

autumn leaves... ..

I’ll be in touch again when ‘Woofs of Wisdom on Writing’ is actually out.
In the meantime, have fun!



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