Finally – this romantic comedy is out in Large Print – it is a hefty book coming in at 95,000 words long!

Stephanie Lawry has an unsuitable fiancé, claustrophobia, and a disquieting rash.

Jack Redmond tries hard to be a good father to his children despite his ex-wife’s attitude problem, and his mistakenly-gained drunken-perv reputation.

Add in Steph’s bolshie parents, Jack’s too-bright children, an old lover, a couple of rescued dogs, and a manky polar bear, and it’s no wonder the games people play get out of hand.

Will Steph learn the rules of the relationship game in time to win Jack, or are the stakes too high?

(To give you some idea of length – ‘White Lies and Custard Creams’ is 83,700 words long and ‘All His Own Hair’ is 87,300 words long. Out from Under the Polar Bear is 95,000 words long.)

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Katie Fforde (best-selling rom com author and President of the Romantic Novelists’ Association) said of ‘All His Own Hair’: ‘Susan Alison handles difficult issues with quirky humour and uplifting results.’