A friend of mine has macular degeneration. This has made me realise how fab modern technology is for those with low vision. It has also made me realise how little there is for those who don’t like modern technology. So I have brought out some books in Very Large Print.

There are two word search puzzle books – (one of which isn’t in this pic) – that one is a book of the 48 counties of England with snippets of information for each county as well as the list of words to search for. The other word search puzzle book is in the pic – it is based on The Natural World. There is also a sudoku book for keeping one’s brain exercised, and two short story books.

One short story book is ‘Sweet Peas and Dahlias’ (and other stories), and the other is ‘Burglars R Us’ (and other stories). Both these books are illustrated to provide another ‘texture’ to reading the books.

The illustrations in the short story books are in black and white, and the fab reviewer who has just kindly left a five star review has said she is going to colour them. What a great idea!!! Multi-multi-functional books!

VLP books 2 x sh st sudoku WS 15 11 19

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