White Lies and Stakeouts – Out Now on Kindle and in paperback!

Liz Houston and her Border Collie side-kick, Moocher, amble good-naturedly through life in Malvern Road.

But somehow, the ripples of their passage too often grow to tidal waves and they keep finding themselves in the centre of the resultant storms.

Their neighbours have mislaid their granny; a mysterious mapmaker records all their comings and goings; Angela, Liz’s hostile sister, behaves wildly out of character; windows are being smashed too regularly for comfort; sweetheart scammers rule.

All Liz wants to do is lead a relaxed life whilst earning a living, learning line dancing, and keeping her dog contented and not too smelly.

As ever, white lies abound. This time though, stakeouts seem to be the central theme of everyday life rather than a nice, comforting plate of custard creams.

KATIE FFORDE says of ‘White Lies and Stakeouts’: “Quirky, funny, full of wonderful characters you wish were your neighbours – this delightful book is guaranteed to make you smile.”

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