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What is doggerel?

Doggerel is a form of nonsense rhyme (think Edward Lear) and nonrhyme (think Edward Lear with less rhyming) with a particular dog focus.

These books are also, essentially, art books, with many full colour paintings by Susan Alison to accompany the doggerel.

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Doggerel has broken the species barrier!

Illustrated Dog-Doggerel with a smidgen of mog-moggerel 

This is a full colour, illustrated book of dog-doggerel with a smidgen of mog-moggerel available in a variety of formats.

It celebrates the humour that can be found - even if one has to winkle it out - in everyday life.

There are forty-one examples of bad or comic verse, or nonsense rhyme, in this book.

'Hey, Mr Seagull!' who is gracing the cover, is just one of them.

Each story has its own illustration, and they are all in full colour.

There is full colour throughout the book. Just wanted to say that again. (Yay for full colour!)


A canine re-imagining of A Christmas Carol

The Christmas Corgi

This is a canine ghost story of Christmas that tells the tale of Ebenezer Fluffbutt, a miserable mutt well known for his miserly ways, who is visited by the ghost of his former pawdner, Moocher.

These visits make Ebenezer realise there is still time to change his life for the better.

This is an A4 size, full colour, illustrated book of doggerel in Very Large Print. There is also a black and white version, (which is consequently cheaper!)


CorgiScribe shares his knowledge!

Woofs of Wisdom on Writing

Inside the pages of this book you will find CorgiScribe’s pearls about being a writer. You might agree with him – or – you might not. He can cope with a difference of opinion as long as you throw frisbees or bones at him, and not – you know – rocks or centipedes…

This book has been dictated to me (Susan Alison) by CorgiScribe so that I can translate his woofings into Hoomun. (I would never call my own words ‘wisdom’, but CorgiScribe has no such qualms).

There are 47 pictures (from my paintings) over 90 pages in this book. (‘The Corgi Games’ has 22 pics over 45 pages.) The illustrations throughout the ebook and paperback are in full colour.

We are openly saying this is a book of doggerel (and full colour paintings of dogs) – that’s the same as saying it’s a book full of nonsense rhyme, comic verse, irregular rhythm…

We’re saying that all up front so you don’t have to (especially the ‘nonsense’ bit.)

We feel the need to say, too, that there is much mention of ‘rears’ and ‘butts’ in this book – they’re an obsession of CorgiScribe’s. Understandably.

PS It says ‘ruther’ on page 26. It’s not a typo – it’s earned its place by rhyming with ‘other’ – which ‘rather’ doesn’t. jus’ sayin’


A window into another world

The Corgi Games

Of course, the Queen’s Jubilee AND the London Olympics in the same year begged for combination – hence – The Corgi Games – in which Welsh Corgi dogs engage in various forms of sport (including sack racing) in their usual stylish and winning way.

In rhyme.




All the illustrations throughout ‘The Corgi Games’ book are in full colour.

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